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Volunteer with Essex Aggie Alumni

Any organization, in order to be successful must have volunteers to make things happen.

With every non profit organization it is a well known truism, "There is always room for one more worker or supporter." An organization such as ours can use a large variety of skills. If you have any skills or interest that you think might be useful please let us know you are out there by submitting our Volunteer Form. We would like to hear from you if you are interested in serving as a volunteer now or in the future. 

If you are unable to help with time or effort but are financially able to do so, please consider helping the alumni association with a financial donation

Board of Directors

 The alumni board of directors makes the day to day business decisions of the association. An officer or director is responsible for making balanced decisions for whichever segment of the alumni that they represent
At the present time we have several unfilled positions on the Board of Directors. We need Decade Directors for the 1940s, 1950s, 1990s ,2000s and a College Division Director.


Membership Committee - To help locate missing classmates and to encourage them to join the association

Newsletter Committee - To help with gathering & writing articles

Website Committee - We could use a back-up webmaster in the event that the current webmaster is unable to continue

Scholarship Committee - We need people to work on the scholarship committee and to help solicit individuals and businesses for donations to the alumni scholarship fund

Reunions Committee - We are always in need of people who would be willing to organize class reunions for individual classes

Photo Committee - We need people with photography skills who can go out and take photos of the Aggie campus, school events and alumni functions 

School History Committee - The compilation of a book on the history of Essex Aggie is underway and we need people with research skills who can find historical information on the school

Alumni Functions Committee - We would like to schedule various functions such as picnics & dinners for both alumni and current students but in order to do so we must have a group of people who would be willing to organize and work on them

Fundraising Committee - We need people who can suggest ideas on various methods of fundraising and to organize them

Professional Committee - From time to time on rare occasions we have a need for donated professional services such as legal and accounting

Alumni Office Staff - If we manage to establish an on campus Alumni Center in the future we will be needing a rotating staff of volunteers who can man the office and meet & greet visitors