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The Class of 1994

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Abernathy, Allison

Dover, NH


Abramson, Susan



Anderson, Tammy



Bergin, Kelley
Kelley Reid



Berube, Leslie



Carbello, Justo



Carr, Wendy



Carratu, Erik



Claffey, Dena
Dena Domey

Wakefield, MA


Close, Jodyann
Jodyann Hawkins



Crowley, Hannah Belle

Lynn, MA


Dees, Jamie



Dees, Jennifer
Jennifer Driscoll



Douglas, Laurie
Laurie Summerlin



Gagne, Kelley



Gagne, Monique



Gattozzi, Michael



Geier, Kristin
Kristin Campbell



Gerow, Chase



Glew, Diedre
Diedre Pedato

Lawrence, MA


Govoni, Wendy



Greely, Jason

Seabrook, NH


Greige, Nancy
Nancy Lister

Raymond, NH


Grice, Jessica



Hinckley, Jennifer



Huber, Gary

Clinton, MA


Ingham, Michael

Cleveland, OH


Jennings, Robert



Johnson, Jennifer



Lee, Sean



Loughlin, Colleen
Colleen Cote

Raymond, NH


Love, Beverly



Lynch, Keith

Bloomfield, NY


Macduff, Tracy
Tracy Anderson

Merrimac, NH


Maglione, Stacey



Manock, Gary



Marshall. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Chapman

Leominster, MA


Mason, Lance

Winchendon, MA


Mignault, Laurie



Murphy, Mechelle
Mechelle Brouillette

Lee, NH


Palladino, George



Peralta, Dawn



Picucci, Jessica

Eugene, OR


Roberts, Kelli

Deceased 2004


Russo, Tara
Tara Brown

Epping, NH


Settipani, Rachel

Lynn, MA


Sneed, Joshua

Rch Palos Vrd, CA


Souza, Michele



Tanchez, Gabriela



Tarr, Jason



Terminello, Vicki

Saugus, MA


Vincent, Shawn



Wendell, Eric

Georgetown, MA


Williams, Keri