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The Class of 1986

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Ackroyd, Michael



Albert, Michael



Alexander, Karen



Andrew, Brenda
Brenda Dietrich

Salem, NH


Anton, John



Bodoni, Angela
Angela Spivack

Natick, MA


no pic

Brennan, Lynn
Lynn Caredeo

Lawrence, MA


no pic

Campbell, Scott



Caram, David

East Wakefield, NH


Carter, Richard

Methuen, MA


Casey, Kimberly



Cassell, Shane



Cassola, Sandra



Clancy, Todd



Clark, Hidie



Clarke, Edward



Clarke, Tracy
Tracy Saitow



Connaghan, Rick



no pic

Connery, Cathy
Cathy Eistermann

Kissimmee, FL


Conroy, Joseph



Cook, Peter

Haverhill, MA


Davis, Wendy



DeCastro, Dean



DiBurro, Thomas



Dionne, Tracy



DoPietro, Robert

Deceased 1997


Farrington, John

Atkinson, NH


Fisher, William



Funicella, Karen



Gartside, Karen
Karen Chongris

Andover, MA


Gilbert, Lisa



Green, Kristen



Greene, William

Groveland, MA


Grondin, William



Hart, Douglas A.



Hawkins, Michelle

Gloucester, MA


Hawkins, Noelle

Gloucester, MA


Hayes, Keith S.



Hidler, Lisa Anne
Lisa Close



Langlois, Karen



Lavigne, James



Legere, Donald

Everett, MA


Ligthizer, Jodi
Jodi Fitzgerald

Peabody, MA


McEwen, Anne



no pic

Mitchell, Eileen
Eileen Brown



Moore, Tara

Ipswich, MA


Moreau, Louis



Muise, Cathy



Nickerson, Michael



Noyes, John

Goodyear, AZ


Ouellette, Michael

Groveland, MA


Peluso, John



Piekarski, John



Quirk, Suzanne
Suzanne Kelley

Plaistow, NH


Robinson, Robert J. Jr.



Ross, Daniel



Salmi, Liisa



Sawyer, Donal

Phoenix, AZ


Schott, Ralph P. III



Silveria, Thomas

Danvers, MA


no pic

Smeltzer, Rose

Auburn, NH


Smith, Alecia



South, Louis



South, Sharon

Lynn, MA


Stache, Pamela
Pamela Krafton



Stetson, Gary



Violette, Karen



Young, Christopher J.

Deceased 2001


Class yearbook roster data provided by Angela (Bodoni) Spivack '86