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The Class of 1984

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Ackroyd, Susan J.



Allen, Stephen W.

Hampton, NH


Anderson, Lance

Sandown, NH


Browning, Tye



Calef, Paul M.



Carbone, Marc

Nahant, MA


Christensen, David



Cloutman, Christine



Connely, Matt



Corsaro, George

Seabrook, NH


Cox, Sean



Culver, Valerie



Dawe, Betsy
Betsy Tufts-Cruger

Swampscott, MA


Delaney, Jill

Sheddsville, VT


DePietro, Mike



DiGangi, William

Milford, NH


DiNardo, Albert

Saugus, MA


DiTroia, Debbie
Debbie Proulx

Peabody, MA


Dorn, Douglas

Northwood, NH


Doucett, Paul



Downing, Roger

Jackson, NJ


Easson, Glenn

Fremont, NH


Elwell, Jay S.



Fairbrother, Jeffrey



Figueroa, Angelita
Angie O'Neil

Delray Beach, FL


Fitzgerald, Kimberly
Kimberly Johnson

Canaan, ME


Foglietta, Lisa
Lisa Philpot

Georgetown, MA


Frontiera, Nicholas

Las Vegas, NV


Gates, Scott

North Fort Myers


Gut, Richard J. Jr.

Broomfield, CO


Hawkins, Shawn

Danvers, MA


Hesson, Christine

Exeter, NH


Hooper, Catherine
Catherine Lanning

McKinney, TX


Hudson, Linda Lorraine
Linda Churchill

Danvers, MA


Huff, David J.



Kerr, Robert



King, Paul



Klemczuk, Michael



Langlois, Dave W.

Haverhill, MA


Lawrence, Darrin



LeBlanc, Barbara

Saugus, MA


Little, John



Lurie, Ben



Manninen, Richard



Marren, Dave



McComiskey, Tina



Monteith, Shirley



Mooney, Brian



Mullen, Rosalind



Murphy, Geoffrey

Maple Grove, MN


Noseworthy, Angela



Randall, Richard



Richard, Michael

Essex, MA


Ross, Lucinda



Rowe, Janet



Scully, Peter



Silveria, Frank



Spurr, Steve



Story, Kendra



Surette, Shawn



Torsey, Dave



Trecartin, Frederick

Anderson, SC


Velton, Tim



Watson, Donald



Witkowski, Joan



Wood, Stuart

Sandown, NH


Wynott, Cynthia



Yandell, Richard

Hiram, ME