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The Class of 1982

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Allen, Cynthia
Cynthia Essler

Haverhill, MA


Arsenault, Mary



Barter, Meg



Bergeron, Robert



Blanchette, Jeanette



Cacas, Jessica



Caron, Lisa

Danielsville, GA


Chaisson, Kathy
Kathy Orben

Salisbury, MA


Choulnard, Timothy



Cole, Christopher



Come, Stephen



DePietro, Anthony



Dondero, Paul



Dunajski, David



Emery, James

Deceased 2014


Essler, Richard

Deceased 2013


Estey, Chris



Fortado, Walter

Windham, NH



Fraser, Kevin

Mississauga, Ontario


Gagnon, Michelle



Goguen, Angela



Goodrich, Mike



Greaney, Scott

Mercer, ME


Guinn, Brenda



Hatcher, Kevin



Hickey, Jim



Hincman, Kathleen
Kathleen Marini

Ipswich, MA


Hood, Tammy



Hooper, Angie



Jendrick, Edmund



Kennedy, Kristine



Kniffin, Adam



Koen, Mark

New York, NY


Krippendorf, Bill



Leavitt, Wendy

Deceased 2017


Lebel, Sherry



Lee, Alan



Lemoine, Robert



Levesque, Karen



Levesque, Sean



Lussier, Jim



Mahar, Dawn



Mahoney, Mary Ann



Mansfield, Steve

North Miami, FL


Martin, Sam



McCarthy, Kathy



McCormick, Michael



No Photo

McNaughton, Paul Jr.



Melanson, Brad



Miller, Kevin

Beverly, MA


Mitchell, Maureen



Morris, Timothy



Morrow, Cheryl



Neilsen, Paul

Peabody, MA


Noseworthy, Sara

Deceased 2018


Pais, Joe



Pelletier, Jeff



Pierce, Bill



Pierce, Rob



Rasmussen, Jean



Rochna, Stephen

Fallon, NV


Rochon, Carol
Carol Seale

West Newbury, MA


Ross, Dave



Ryan, Cathy



Seale, Blake



Shaw, Brian



Silverio, Diane



Swanson, Eric



Theriault, Michael



Toohey, Tammy



Trainor, Christine



Trapula, Marie
Marie Harwood

Blair, SC


Waldman, Elizabeth



Walker, Amy



Wendell, Tim



Wilson, Heather
Heather Huard

Glade Spring, VA


Woodward, Cindy