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The Class of 1981

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Addario, Carmen



Bernard, Dale



Blair, Thomas

Naples, FL


Blanchard, Elizabeth



Broderick, Lisa



Brooks, Charlene
Charlene Noll

Vassalboro, ME


Brown, Dennis



Brown, Martha R
Martha Verrington

Bradford, MA


Browning, George Edward



Bruno, Pamela



Caron, Deby
Deby Zambello

North Reading


Clark, Kevin



Cohen, Mio



Cole, Laura
Laura Rowe

Salem, MA


Cormier, Alan



Crossman, Marcy L.
Marcy Boucher

East Kingston, NH


Dawkins, Christopher



Delaney, David



Denault, George

Merrimac, MA


Doucette, Andrea
Andrea LeBlanc

Newton, NH


Drabinowicz, Scott



Dupuis, Serge



Eastman, James

North Berwick, ME


Estey, Kathleen



Fournier, Barbara
Barbara Engelhard

Eastampton, NJ


Gallagher, Sean



Griffith, Heather
Heather Brown



Hall, Gary

North Andover, MA


Hebert, Donna L.
Donna Richardson

Williams, AZ


Hesson, Jr. Ronald

Albany, NY


Hojaboom, Shawn

Franklin, NH


Hurlin, Danea



no pic

Kaye, Michael

Winchendon, MA


Klosowski, Andy



Lanford, Lisa



Lasher, Raelene

Deceased 2015


Lavigne, Donald

Danvers, MA


Lawrence, Robin



LeBlanc, David

Irmo, SC


LeBrun, John

Rochester, NH


Leclerc, Carol A.



Leveille, Nadine



Levesque, Raymond



Loyd, Russell



Lucier, John



Maihos, Michelle



Martin, Sandra
Sandra Meuse

Salem, MA



Martinson, George

Amesbury, MA


Meservey, Robin



Mitchell, Richard



Moore, Steven



Nelson, Mark



Noll, Ethan

Vassalboro, ME


Peabody, Troy



Pelletier, Gary

Deceased 2004


Raymond, Janice



Richardson, Mark



Riley, Chris

Deceased 2007


Rochenski, Alison



Rochenski, Jane
Jane Tarr

Ipswich, MA


Salas, Brian A.

Center Barnstead, NH


Sanford, Keith



Sexton, Wayne



Shannon, Anne
Anne Marcotte

Haverhill, MA


Shectman, Nancy



Sherry, Julie



Spencer, Daniel



Spero, Gena



St. Peter, David



Trask, Scott



Vaillancourt, David



no pic

Vannett, Alexander

Methuen, MA


Verrington, Daniel

Bradford, MA


Weaver, Kevin



Wheeler, David

Mason, OH


Wiswall, Denise
Denise Palermo

Saugus, MA


Young, Margaret
Margaret Martin

Deceased 2012


Class yearbook roster data provided by Donald Lavigne '81