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The Class of 1980

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Ambrefe, Bill



Baker, Jennifer



Barton, Mike



Boucher, Peter

East Kingston, NH


Bryer, Scott

Northwood, NH


Bucknam, Laurel
Laurel Moehring

Port Orange, FL


No Photo

Burke, Tim



Cappozzi, Kay



Convery, Charmaine
Charmaine Rich

East Thetford, VT


Cotreau, Andrew



Davis, Peter

Westwood, MA


Delaney, Daniel



Delfino, Nancy



Dexter, Angela
Angela Peltier

Manitowoc, WI


Durland, Donna
Donna Piraino

Gloucester, MA


Elwell, James



Fournier, Joseph

Merrimac, MA


Fox, Walter

South Bend, IN


Fraser, David

Peabody, MA


Freitag, Robert



Geldart, Dennis

Deceased 2002



Germinara, Dean



Getty, Craig



Girard, Daniel

Rowley, MA


Goodwin, Kelly



Gorman, Christine
Christine Cote

Kingston, NH


Griffin, Scott



Haight, Dawn



Hudson, Jean



Johnson, Dave

Newton, NH


Kamins, Darin



Kirby, Michael



Knight, Brian



Lane, Susan



Leavitt, Donna



LeBrun, Steven



Lee, Janice
Janice Park



Lydon, Edmund

Marblehead, MA


Mailloux, Torin



McKenney, Frank

Peabody, MA


Moore, Robert

La Jolla, CA


Moriarty, Kevin



Nelson, William



O'Neil, Sean



O'Shea, James

Danvers, MA


Otolo, Gino



Rand, Lenora

Lynn, MA


Rygielski, Lisa
Lisa Mcparland

Ipswich, MA



Saunders, Lisa



Scully, John

Newport, ME


Smith, Ruth
Ruth Foss

Suncook, NH


Stasinos, Chris



Sweet, Ken



Thornton, Lori

Bradford, MA


Welch, Russell



White, Ken



Whitmore, Warren

East Kingston, NH


Willis, Curt

Deceased 2007


Wojnar, Mike

North Kingstown, RI


Wrest, Susan
Susan James

Newton, NH


Class yearbook roster data provided by Angela (Dexter) Peltier, '80 and from the school library