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The Class of 1979

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Akroyd, Scott



Albert, Roger P.

Beverly, MA


Almquist, David S.



Ambrose, Michael



Amero, Scott



Barry, Brian



Brookes, Bob



Brooks, Jeff

Salem, MA


Bruce, Bonny



Carter, Ken



Catineau, Laura
Laura Price

Salem, NH


Chandler, David



Cole, David



Davis, Barry



Demeule, Jean

Peabody, MA


Demeule, Mike

Peabody, MA


Doherty, Jim



Estabrooks, Dan



Fournier, Michael



Fox, Clinton W.

Deceased 2015


Gelin, Dana



Gibson, Ken



Gillen, John



Hart, Robert



Hayes, Paul



Hebert, Gerard



Helton, Billy



Henshaw, Marjorie



Hesson, Deborah

Lynn, MA


Holliday, Charles



Kent, Donna
Donna Abair

Springfield, NH


Kiernan, Peter



LeBlanc, Steve



Lozowski, John



Malloy, Richard



Marcheterre, David



McDuff, David



McGuinness, James



Meagher, Julie
Julie Davis

Middleton, NH


Nappi, David

Deceased 2018


Natola, Doreen
Doreen Barrett

East Kingston, NH


Nault, Paul



Newbegin, Nancy



O'Neill, James



O'Sullivan, Mike



Perry, Gregg

Danvers, MA


Pickering, Sharon



Porter, Mike



Rainville, Donald



Rankin, Bob



Regan, James



Ricker, Robin



Roaf, Alan

Deceased 2003


Roaf, Pamela
Pamela Sawyer

Groveland, MA


Sakellson, Perry



Saulnier, Paul



Shectman, Ira



Shumaker, Kevin

Hixson, TN


Spinale, Sam



Stanley, Mark



Stevens, Leland



Tedesco, Ralph



Townsend, Ed



Tremblay, Carole



Tribou, David



Troy, William



Tudisco, Victor J.

Georgetown, MA


Turner, Donna



Valentine, Rick



Venn, Lori B.



Wade, Yvonne



Wagner, Chris



Wall, Ed



White, Maria



Wood, William

East Kingston, NH


Class yearbook roster data provided by Clinton Fox '79