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The Class of 1978

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rejected or bounced back and we need a corrected or updated address.





Ames, David



Anderson, Jane E.



Andrus, Brett

Kingston, NH


Borgatti, Catherine
Catherine Reardon

Wilmington, MA


Bourgeois, Randy

Lynn, MA


Britt, Richard

Peabody, MA


Carlson, Vickie
Vickie Pellitier

Salem, MA


Carpenter, Susan
Susan Booth

Barrington, NH


Carr, Stephen



Carroll, Stephen



Cole, Robin
Robin Paddock

Houston, TX


Coombs, Patrice
Patrice Niemi

Seminole, FL


Curran, Lydia



Darisse, Richard

Salem, MA


Davis, John L.

Middleton, NH


DeSisto, Richard P.



Donovan, Bob

Jay, ME


Doucette, Linda



no pic

Enos, Grace
Grace Lopes

Gloucester, MA


no pic

Fournier, Donald

Deceased 2012


Frenkel, Yetti

Peabody, MA


Gaudette, Philip



Godjikian, Debra



Grant, Warren

Essex, MA


Hamilton, Kris



no pic

Harnett, Eric

Ft Laudersale, FL


Herrick, Sam



Hincman, Michael R.



Infinger, Amelia D.



Jean, Laura

Tavares, FL


Kenney, Steven T.

Salisbury, MA


no pic

Klemczuk, John



Lawrence, Dwayne.

Middleton, MA


Leonhard, James

Dracut, MA


Lincicum, Shirley
Shirley Sullivan

Pembroke, NH


Lloyd, Jayne



Marie, Joanne
Joanne Zimmerman

Lynn, MA


Marshall, Paul.

Deceased 2012


Martin, Paul

Danvers MA


Martin, Stephen

Marblehead, MA


Matthews, Karl



McElhinney, Mary
Miki Perry

Ipswich, MA


Meaney, Maureen

Danvers, MA


Melanson, Mark J.



Mertsch Jr., Hans

Salem, MA


Nadeau, Gerard



Neimi, Paul

Seminole, FL


Newell, Laurie
Laurie Carr

Island Falls, ME


Owsiak, Peter



no pic

Pagano, Thomas



Peabody, Michael



Pelletier, Elaine
Elaine Bonaiuto

Beverly, MA


Perry, Nancy
Nancy Smarse

Litchfield, ME


no pic

Phaneuf, Steven N.

Deceased 2012


Pickard, Paul E.

Peabody, MA


no pic

Quigley, Shawn



no pic

Richards, Ellen



Riley, Gregg



Rochna, Joseph



Rooney, Dave

Salem, NH


Ross, Paul



Sessa, Maryjane
Maryjane Cardarelli

Middleton, MA


Sheehan, David J.

Midwest City, OK


Simpson, Michael



Smith, Richard

Sandown, NH


Smith, Robert

Tewksbury, MA


Speicher, John C.



St Pierre, Michael



Sullivan, Neal



Surette, Lee T.

Lynn, MA


Tillberg, Carol



no pic

Wall, Tom

Fall City, WA


Walters, Peter

Danvers, MA


Weaver, Craig



Wendell, Robert

East Dorset, VT


Willis, James

Troy, ME


Wood, Susan
Susan Hall

Gloucester, MA


Class yearbook roster data provided by Neal Sullivan '78