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The Class of 1974

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Blair, Paul

Rockwood, ME


no pic

Bonanno, Michael



Byron, Thomas

Deceased 2017


Cappuccio, Robert



Carbone, Mark



no pic

Collins, John J.

Groveland, MA


Condon, Robert

Salem, MA


no pic

Conley, Michael

Wakefield, MA


Cote, Bertrand

Milford, MA


no pic

Courtois, John J.



Cranney, Brian

Peabody, MA


Daffe, Janice



Danahy, James



Delaney, Tim

Newport, VT


Donahue, Clifford P.



Dow, George

Deceased 2008


Garand, Andre J.

Northville, NY


Gaudette, Michael

Freedom, NH


Genovese, Thomas



Gordinas, Brian



Heaphy, Paul

Lynn, MA


Houde, Steve



Jackson, Jeffrey



Joiner, James

Gardner, MA


Kelley, Steven W.

Sanbornville, NH


LaPointe, Tom

Belfast, ME


Lebro, Greg



Leonhard, George A.

North Andover, MA


Linehan, Shawn

Salem, MA


Mahoney, Stephen



no pic

McGoldrick, Peter



McKinnon, Kevin



Medina, Joseph A.



Mignault, Lance



Mills, Robert



Moll, Marie
Marie Dillon

Brookshire, TX


Mullen, Chris



Murphy, Mark



Nadeau, Jack



Newell, Scott

New Smyrna Beach, FL


no pic

Obey, Thomas



Oster, Richard J.

Seabrook, NH


Palardy, Thomas

Westport, MA


Pikul, Daniel M.



Sanderson, John
Mike Sanderson



Silva, Brian

Peabody, MA


Slaven, Larry

Peabody, MA


Stinson, John P.



Stone, Brian



Suleski, Bill

Peabody, MA


Surette, Ronald



no pic

Watson, Paul



Whitcomb, Edward

Peabody, MA


Wills, Randy



Wonoski, Ken

Beverly, MA


Young, Mark

Lowell, MA


Class yearbook roster data provided by Michael Gaudette '74