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The Class of 1973

The class of 1973 did not publish a yearbook so
 there are no yearbook photos available for this class.

????? notation indicates mail has been rejected or bounced back and
We need an updated address.






Back Row E 1

Anketell, Eugene



Second Row B 3

Archambault, David



Fourth Row D 4

Ardolino, David



First Row A 5

Bennett, Donald



Fourth Row D 9

Blaisdel, Douglas



Back Row E 6 ?

Briscoe, James



Front Row A 9

Carpenter, George Robert

Carnesville, GA


Third Row C 9

Cavatorta, Edward

Georgetown, MA


Fourth Row D 6

Cervinek, Gordon



Third Row C 10

Daigle, Robert



Fourth Row D 10

Davison, James



Third Row C 7

DeClue, Gary



Back Row E 2

Devoe, Donald



Back Row E 9

Donahue, Thomas



Second Row B 1

Donovan, Mark



Fourth Row D 3

Dorgan, Timothy



Third Row C 8

Dufresne, Lawrence



Fourth Row D 7 ?

Dykeman, Joseph

Boscawen, NH


Back Row E 4

Eastman, Martin

Fairpoint, NY


Second Row B 9

Elliott, Richard



Fourth Row D 11

Federico, Kevin



Third Row C 5

Gagnon, Philip



Not in photo

Gallien, Ray

Nashua, NH


Front Row A 1

Gatchel, John



Front Row A 10 ?

Gately, Anthony



Third Row C 2

Grenier, Joseph



Second Row B 5

Haliman, Leanord




Harper, Jere



First Row A 4

Harvey, Paul



Second Row B 4

Hatch, Donald



Second Row B 6

Huberdeau, Mark

Arvada, CO


Second Row B 2

Hutchings, Donald



First Row A 2

Janavicus, Stephen



Third Row C 11 ?

Jenner, Steven

Gloucester, MA


Fourth Row D 5

Keenan, Gavin

Ipswich, MA


Second Row B 11 ?

Lang, Richard



First Row A 11

Lynch, Patrick




Markley, Deborah
Deborah Faulkner



Not in photo

McGolddrick, Brian



Class of 1974 ?

McGolddrick, Peter



Fourth Row D 8

McNeilly, John



Third Row C 3

Means, Richard



Not in photo

Miller, Clifford

Woodland, ME


Third Row C 1

Morehouse, Richard



Back Row E 5

Morrison, Daniel



Fourth Row D 2

Murphy, Ronald



First Row A 8

Murray, John Jr



First Row A 3

Neumann, Jennifer



First Row A 6

Noll, John



Second Row B 7

Prisby, Walter



Second Row B 8

Reiser, Richard



First Row A 5

Rooney, Joseph



Back Row E 8

Savin, Michael



Second Row B 10

Simone, Anthony

Methuen, MA


Third Row C 4

Simpson, Gary



First Row A 7

Sosnowski, Marc



Not in photo

Stahre, Debbie

Hancock, ME


Back Row E 3

Tarr, Ray



Fourth Row D 1

Vallieres, Marc




Wheeler, Gertrude



Back Row E 7

Wilkie, Evan