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The Class of 1971

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Acres, John



Andrews, Stephen



Atkinson, Thomas



Atkinson, William



Blazonis, Vince



Bourgault, Michael

Lynn. MA


Brousseau, Paul

Beverly, MA


Bryant, Donald



no pic

Casamasina, Donald



Casey, Eugene P. Jr.



Cheever, Lawrence



Cole, Arthur W.



Constantino, Edward N.



no pic

Cook, Joseph



Cooper, Peter S.



D'Agnese, Cary D.

Hillsboro, NH


Davis, Garry



Doucette, Donald



Douglas, Alan



Dudley, Robert



Emery, Richard

Ipswich, MA


Farrell, Mark



Feener, Michael

Fargo, ND


Fletcher, William



no pic

George, Arthur



no pic

Hahn, Karl



Hanson, Mark



Hickenbottom, John



Hulsman, William



Hutchinson, Edward

Gifford, IL


Lent, David

Lynn, MA


Lobb, Steven



MacDonald, Bruce



Marion, Edward E.



Martin, Keith

Catalina, AZ


McNichol, John



Morisseau, Daniel Joseph



Mullen, James Michael



Murphy, Gerald

Fallbrook, CA


Murphy, Peter Leo



Nelson, Steven



Owens, Wayne H.



Pynn, Gene



Roaf, George

Warwick, MA


Shachook, Joe



Steves, Richard



Surette, Steven



Talbot, Thomas



Tenny, Timothy

Lynn, MA


no pic

Thompson, Dennis

Deceased 2013


Tobin, Roger



no pic

Van Dyke, Tony



Williams, David



Zucaro, Michael E.

Somersworth, NH


Class yearbook roster data provided by Michael Bourgault '71