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The Class of 1969

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Anketell, Elizabeth

Deceased 2004


Arathuzik, Jane P.



Beeman, Bruce

Deceased 2019


Birch, Alan



Blaisdell, Burt



Bosse, Norman

Centerville, VA


Burns, Erlmes

Lakeville, MA


Caddell, Ross



Carley, Gretchen
Gretchen (Carley) Hamson

Conway, NH


Carpenter, Robert



Croteau, Joseph


Blocked by
MSN Webtv

Dallaire, Richard J.



D'Amato, Frank



Davis, Cynthia
Cynthia (Davis) Estabrooks

San Jose, CA


Dempsey, Warren



Dodge, R. Steven



Donovan, Paul K.



Doyle, Edward Lawrence



Doyle, Gary

Groton, MA


Dunbar, Denise A.



Fitzgerald, Daniel



Flynn, James Leo



Foss, Joseph



no pic

Gagnon, Donald

Quebec, Canada


Garon, Bruce G.



Gates, James P.



Gaudette, Barry S.

Dumfries, VA


Haas, Warren A. Jr.

Middleton, MA


Hamson, Bruce

Conway, NH


Healey, William F.



Hooper, Fred

Haverhill, MA


Johnson, Peter M.



no pic

Kelley, Charles



Landry, Paul G.



LeBlanc, Paul W.



Lundstrom, John

North Reading, MA


Mattheson, John



Mazzone, John



McBrearty, Edward J. J.



Mello, Joseph

Deceased 2006


Monks, Thomas



Morrill, Fred



Pomakis, George



Reynolds, Andrew J.



no pic

Roberge, Andrew

Lawrence, MA


no pic

Rosa, Wayne P.



Ross, Thomas



Sayer, Brian J.



Scott, John



Searles, Gordon



Shanahan, Richard

Rowley, MA


Szafranski, John A.



Tenney, Michael N.

Deceased 2013


Tudal, Steven R.



Wade, Allen



Walker, Shelley



Walker, Wendy Elaine



Wood, Robert

Peabody, MA


Wright, Richard

Troy, NH


Class yearbook roster data provided by Norm Bosse '69