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The Class of 1962

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Batchelder, Judith



Beauvais, Paul



Bessom, Ray



Bowden, Harold G. Jr.



Buchanan, Robert

Media, PA


Burbine, Charlene
Charlene Faro

North Andover, MA


Cahill. John



Campbell, Lloyd

Rancho Mirage, CA


Carroll, William



Chmiel, Chester



Churchill, Richard



Cole, Bertram T.



Collins, Janet



Earabino, Sally



Earl, Juanita



Field, Nancy



Filfalt, John A.



Fishman, Stanley

Tewksbury, MA


Gibley, Harry



Gilday, Donald E. Jr.



Graham, Francis E.



Grant, George R.



Grigoreas, Charles



Halford, Nicholas

Troy, NY


Hall, Judith



Hardenbrook, Verne

Carlisle, PA


Healy, James

Beverly, MA


Hughes, Keith

Deceased 2017


Jafferian, Jean



Jarvis, Thompson



Johnston, Paul

West Newbury, MA


Johonnett, Carol



Landry, Paullette



Lappas, Wayne Paul



Lawton, Judi
Judi Anderson



Lebednik, Phillip A.



Lee, Richard F.



Levesque, Bernard



Lisk, Nicholas John



Livingston, Terrance



Lunt, Walter

Deceased 2018


Marcoux, Elaine
Elaine Chubbuck

Exeter, NH


McDowell, Douglas B.



McNaughton, Paul

Swampscott, MA


Nelson, Susan
Susan Howe

High Springs, FL


Nihan, Robert

Amesbury, MA


Nowell, Thomas R.

Leominster, MA


Odette, Marie
Marie Smith

Deceased 2001


Packer, Susan



Paradis, Janet



Pelletier, William

Deceased 2002


Perron, Dick



Peters, Robert



Plegge, Robert



Poitras, Francis P.



Pretanik, J. Steven

Great Falls, VA


Purington, Sallie



Robishaw, Nancy
Nancy Desmond

Ipswich, MA


Skelly, Janet
Janet Houle

Methuen, MA


Spring, Norma



Sweeney, Paul J.

Deceased 2012


Taylor, Andrea H.



Tilton, Ronnie



Walden, Howard



Wettengil, Mark



Class yearbook roster data provided by Keith Hughes '62