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The Class of 1960

????? notation indicates mail has been rejected or bounced back and
We need an updated address.

NOTICE: The Class of 1960 is looking to find other grads of that year, whom we have no location of their addesses. We would like all those reading this request to do what they can to go to Google, Yahoo, White pages or other sites that will help you locate someone in our class. Get the names, phone numbers, email, etc & please email what you have found to Dave Keating   (978) 887-8539
It is urgent that everyone chip in & try to find one or more lost grads.
Thanks for your help,
Dave Keating    Class of 1960





Andrews, Peter



Asadorian, David



Avola, Norma



Baribeau, Steven

Springfield, MA


Baring, Christopher J.

Greenwich, CT


Bartnicki, Kathryn
Cathryn Leet

Ipswich, MA


Baybutt, Richard C.



Blood, Rafe

Deceased 2004


Boe, David

Plymouth, MA


Brown, David A. Jr.



Brown, Doris



Brown, Gene A.



Caram, Richard

Rowley, MA


Carson, William F.

Westford, MA


Carter, Charles

Georgetown, MA


Chellis, Pauline



Clarizia, Ronald

Beverly, MA


Colby, Ruth
Ruth Zimmerman

Deceased 2014


Cookson, Richard F.



Cronin, John A. Jr.



Demers, Simone
Simone Titone

St. Petersburg, FL


Domin, Robert O. Jr.



Dunajeski, Theodore

Peabody, MA


Earle, Karleen G.
Karleen Monroe

Hampstead, NH


Eveleth, Helen
Helen Reed

Deceased 1996


Farrell, Joseph

Ipswich, MA


Farrington, John

Deceased 2020


No Photo

Fiory, Anthony

Lynn, MA


Gifford, Arther F.

Billerica, MA


Gillis, Daniel J. Jr.

Danvers, MA


Graham, Michael J.

Alachua, FL


Hackett, Robert E.

Haverhill, MA


Hall, Donna
Donna Zimmermann

Nottingham, NH


Haywood, Barbara
Barbara Morgan

Harpswell, ME


Howell, Arther E. Jr.



Jackman, Priscilla
Priscilla Grant

Newbury, MA


Johnston, Fred Jr.

Shelburne, MA


Jones, Rosemary



Kalunian, John Peter Jr.

Kennewick, WA


Keating, David

Ellsworth, ME


Knowlton, Karen
Karen Sullivan

Knippa, TX


Lachance, Andrea M.
Andrea Hutchinson

Middleton, MA


Lakus, John

Antrim, NH


LeBrasseur, Dianne
Dianne Pomakis

South Dennis, MA


LeClair, Barbara



Lupien, Alphonse E.



Margosian, Araxice



Maroney, Francis P

Salem, NH


Martin, Kent

Deltona, FL


Melzar, Jarel



Merrill, Paul D.

Greenville, IN


Morrow, Linda
Linda Stuart

Charlotte, NC


Mottolo, Richard A.

North Reading, MA



Murphy, Jay

Pearce, AZ


Nappi, Robert

Shelburne, VT


Noonan, John



O'Neill, Dennis

Bremerton, WA


2 year program
no photo available

Parker, Carol
Carol Andrews

Groveland, MA


Powell, Richard

Barneveld, NY


Reed, Richard

Deceased 1996


Rodrigues, Gary J.



Rouse, William D.

Saint George, ME


Scamporino, Robert G.

Cape Coral, FL


Scholz, Audrey J.



Scott, David R.



Shields, Kenneth D.

New Durham, NH


Smith, William B. III

Wakefield, MA


St. Clair, Robert

Deceased 2016


St. Pierre, Ernest G.

Williamson, MI


Sturtevant, Diane
Diane Wiggins

Livermore, ME


Sworobowicz, Florence
Trudy Morse

Danville, NH


Sylvia, Fred Jr.

Deceased 2004


Talbot, Richard L.



Thomas, George

Deceased 2018


Tinkham, Henrietta
Henrietta Goodwin



Waldorf, Steven

Goffstown, NH


Williams, Patricia
Patricia Santos



Wing, Roland

Saugus, MA


Winn, William

Deceased 2007


Wojnar, Walter M.



Class yearbook roster data provided by Charles (Ted) Newhook '61