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The Class of 1952

Because of some diabolical plot by the yearbook committee in 1952 we have not been able to itentify everyone from this class. They listed all the names on one page and the pictures on another with no apparent order. With the assistance of Shirly (Gray) Miller '50, Fred Perkins '53, Carol (Briggs) Gray '52,  Ray Bourguignon '52 & Joseph Mullen '52 we have been able to match up most of the names with a class photo.

????? notation indicates mail has been rejected or bounced back and
We need an updated address.





Anderson, Fred



Anthony, Donald B.




Appleton, Arthur



Ashe, Floyd



Assimines, Elaine



Babcock, Evelyn



Bateman, Kathleen
Kathleen (Bateman) Greaney




Beaulieu, Bertram



Bebbington, Thomas



Becotte, Richard



Bourguignon, Raymond

Los Angeles, CA


Bourque, Nancy



Briggs, Carol
Carol (Briggs) Gray

Salem, NH


Chaput, Forrest



Comeau, Norman

Groveland, MA


Connors, Robert



Coombs, Franklin



Cottrill, Joan
Joan (Cottrill) Matarazzo

Groveland, MA


Crumrine, Richard



Dow, Lorraine



Dwinnells, Ethel



Girgenti, Sebastian



No Photo

Gray, Nancy
Nancy (Gray) Bagley



Jackman, Margaret



Jenson, Robert



Karolides, Paul

Riviera Beach, FL


Keller, Lorraine



Krajewska, Phillis
Philli (Krajewska) Theriault

Peabody, MA


LaPlante, Ronald

Deceased 1988


Ludwig, Marjorie



Machiros, Chrysanthe

Newburyport, MA



Marsh, Charles

Manzanita, OR


Mullen, Joseph

Newbury, MA


Newman, Donald



O'Brien, Frederick




O'Neill, Charles



Osgood, Raymond

Deceased 1988


Panebianco, Mary
Mary Ann (Panebianco) Fowler

Deceased 2006



Parsons, Ronald



Patterson, Edward

Ossipee, NH


Pierce, John



Russell, Arlene
Arlene (Russell) Rood

Peoria, AZ


Scholz, Eleanor
Eleanor (Scholz) Burris

Marthasville, MO


Spencer, Bryant



Spicer, Ann

Deceased 1995



Sweetser, Wendell



Tarlian, Ray



Tilton, William



Wain, Ruth



Walker, Charlotte



Walls, Sarah



Wood, Ernest



Below are the photos and names that we have not identified.
If anyone can match a photo with a name to help us out here please let us know.

# 10

# 33

Appleton, Arthur

Beauliew, Bertram

O'Neill, Charles

Parsons, Ronald

Sweetser, Wendell

Only two more to go!

Who are these people?

# 10 & # 33