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The Class of 1948

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no pic

Archambault, Theodore



Banks, Marguerite Rose



Barker, Floyd E.



Barmby, Robert A.



Barron, George E., Jr.



Beckwith, John W.



no pic

Bevan, Thomas W.



Carmody, Lucille D.



Christie, John



Clark, Ansel



no pic

Collins, Raymond



no pic

Coon, Howard



Crosby, Charles Loren



Cuomo, Rita Marie



Dodge, Herbert H.

Deceased 1987


Dodge, Roland E.



Evans, Marilyn



Everett, Frances Harvey



Farnam, Bertram C., Jr.



Fellows, Allen E., Jr.



Fox, Franklin P.



Ganley, Norman



Hiller, Bruce W.



Hopkins, Joyce



Howard, Miles F.



Johnson, Arthur



Johnson, Stanley



Khoury, Georgette P.

Deceased 2007


Lambert, Claire Leona



Lippold, Marion E.



Luzinski, Edward J.

Salem, MA


Mackey, Herbert

Salem, MA


Mammino, Irene Ann



Marisseau, Kenneth



Mey, Erna L.



Mikonis, Carroll P.



Mirisola, Joseph



Nichols, Kent

Deceased 2012


Nihan, Lawrence D.



Ogden, William J.



Piasecki, Robert P.



Pierce, David S.

Peabody, MA


Pierce, Marilyn Leona
Marilyn (Pierce) Caron

Peabody, MA


Ross, Edgar A.



Russell, Lily M.



Sieron, Charlotte Marie



Silk, Frederick E.



Smith, Charles H.



Spicer, Joan Dorothea



Srybny, John R.



Stewart, Shirley June



Taylor, Ann



Tremblay, Jacques J.



Tuxbury, Jean



Twiss, Norma



no pic

Wilcome, Alfred J.



Wentworth, Charles H.



Wilcox, George P.



Wilson, Barbara Grace



Class yearbook roster data supplied by Franklin Fox.'48