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The Class of 1941 - High School Special Division


Back Row: Mary Lane, Betty Maxner, Ruth Adams, Shirley Putnam, Doris Englehardt, Laurel Martin, Arlene Crossman, Marjorie Hollingsworth, Justine Bishop, Claire, Cadorette, Irene, Koza, Althea Dennett, Lila Bullock, Mary Reagan, riscilla Wilkins, Ruth Harvey, Pauline Gleason.
Second Row: Margaret Morrissey, Florence Cameron, Mary Carey, Alice Clark, Dorothy Dryden, Margaret Early, Alice Cormier, Isabelle Rabs, Eleanor Small, Barbara Hennigar, Marion Leach, Isabelle Weed, Helen Hallock, Mary O'Leary, Ina Stephenson, Virginia Wade, Kathleen Ganey.
Front Row: Theresa Lambert, Evelyn McCann, Dorothy Daly, Phyllis Tremblay, Pauline Roy, Gertrude Mungan, Doris Durkee, Eleanor Gray, Beth Davidson, Margaret Kennedy, Lucy Tela, June Porst.