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The Class of 1939




Adams, Athalie
Athalie (Adams) Waye

Exeter, NH

Anderson, Mary


Andrews, Helen


Archambault, Lois


Bacheller, Barbara


Balnaves, Elsie


Balzarini, John


Bartlett, Mabel


Bell, Marion


Boisvert, Audrey


Brown, Hilda


Brown, Janice


Buckley, Marion


Burke, Mildred


Burkhardt, George


Burnham, Natilie


Bushwell, Eleanor


Campbell, Ernest


Canty, Elizabeth


Casey, Ellen


Chase, Evelyn


Chenery, Ruth


Clay, Doris


Coleman, Roger


Comer, Marjorie


Connell, Arthur


Cranton, Gladys


Craven, Robert


Crosby, Alden


Croteau, Alice


Dederian, Thomas


Dilisio, Nicholas


Drake, Winston


Draper, John


Driscoll, Audrey


Durkee, Ruth


Edwards, Lois


Eustace, Ruth


Evans, Muriel


Foss, David


Foster, Katherine


Frost, Pauline


Gangi, Frances


Georgantis, George


Giles, Aubert


Goodale, Richard


Greenaway, Albert


Greenough, June


Griffin, Evelyn


Grover, Lucy


Haskell, Barbara


Haskins, Genevieve


Hoctor, John


Jocques, Marie


Johnson, Peer


Keleher, Ruth


Kelley, Andrew


Kelley, Donald


Kelley, Paul


Knowles, Jean


Lambert, Helen


Leblanc, Gertrude


Ljunggren, Arvid


Lynch, John


Macdonough, Dorothy


Marsland, Ada



McGrath, Mary


McLeon, Alyce


McNeil, Helen


Menard, Eileen
Eileen Caesar

Deceased 2012

Metzger, Barbara


Moody, Bernice


Moore, Helen


Nealey, James


Newhall, Marie


Nicholson, Earl


Nollet, Conrad


Nystedt, Marie


Otto, Agnes


Paulsen, Richard


Pead, Raymond


Purington, Wyota


Raimey, Grace


Ricker, Ruth


Robblee, Bertha


Roberts, Barbara


Rock, Albert


Rosum, Bertha


Ryan, Joseph


Sharp, Edith


Sheehey, Patricia


Sheppard, Marjorie


Silva, Chester


Skidmore, Edith


Smolak, Wilhelmina


Spencer, Robert


St. Pierre, Olive


Stancombe, Marion


Stokes, Maribeth


Stone, Howard


Stone, Marjorie


Strong, William


Thomas, C. Elmer


True, Charles

Deceased 1991

Van Dine, Gloria
Gloria Cann

North Conway, NH

Walker, Arthur


Walsh, Betty


Webber, Mary


Weiland, Martha


Williams, Judith


Wojtycka, Alice


Woodworth, Beatrice