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The Class of 1935



Abbott, Dorothy Ann


Andreas, Joseph


Axelson, Elsa J.


Blake, Dorothy


Brinley, Marie


Brody, Leonard L.


Bruce, Dorothy


Bruce, Harriet E.


Burbeck, E. Irene


Caddoo, Ruth


Callahan, Claire R.


Camille, Helen


Champion, Howard


Cole, Elizabeth


Cooper, Harry


Corbin Frank


Covell, Elnora


Crossley, Edmund


Daly, William


Davis, Carolyn E.


Day, Franklin


De Muth, Ralph


Deloge, Rene


Donahue, John


Duval, James


Ellis, Earl


Fairweather, Ruth


Fiory, Nick


Fitzsimmons, Clare A.


Foss, Margaret


Fossa, Ruth L.


Gagne, Marion B.


Gardella, James


Hamilton, Barbara E.


Hamson, Phillip


Haskell, Robert


Haynes, Forrest A.


Hill, Ruth


Hirst, Marjorie


Hoelzal, Muriel


Holt, Priscilla


Howard, Huntington


Hoyt, Florence E.


Hoyt, Phyllis


Hunnewell, Vera


Jackson, Lillian E.


Johansen, Roy


Jones Albert


Jones, Edith G.


Kneeland, Marjorie


Knowlton, Deborah


Kruschwitz, Patience


Leonard, Leo


Licht, Walter


Lowe, Dorothy


Lynch, Joseph


Maclean, Daniel


McCarthy, Mary Louise


McDermott, Josephine E.


McDermott, Lawrence


Monroe, John


Morrisey, Pauline L.


Morse, Allan


Murphy, Eileen


Nelson, Clarence S.


Nelson, George


Nelson, Vincent


O'Connor, Loretta


Ogden, Hazel


Pasquale, Genevieve


Patterson, Clarence


Pohju, Victor


Poirier, Ruth V.


Poisson, Leo


Reilly, James


Scanlon, Anna


Sexton, Margurite M.


Snow, Mildred


Spakas, Joseph


Sparks, Francis


Standley, Charles


Steeves, Margery O.


Stevens, Eleanor


Sweet, Virginia


Tatarunis, Adam


Templeman, Adeline H.


Thayer, Ernest


Thompson, Roberta M.


Thorne, Dorothy


Toomey, John


Walker, Moldred

Deceased 1935

Wallace, Gilbert


Walsh, Arthur


Wheeler, Ruth


Winter, Bayard


Wirth, Mildred


Woodman, Dorothy


Zerbe, Phyllis