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The Class of 1933

This class roster was made from information posted to the class photo.
We could still use a yearbook for additional information.





Akerley, Elizabeth



Alley, Raymond



Ambrose, Minerva



Anderson, James



Andrews, Mabelle



Ballard, Cora



Bartlett, Robert



Belcher, Elvira



Bell, Marion



Bolcome, Robert



Boswell, Alma



Bourdelais, Nelda



Bozek, Pauline



Bulgaris, Arthur



Burkhardt, Marion



Carter, David



Cipolla, Alfred



Clark, Nathan



Collins, Ellen



Cool, Gordon



Corliss, Wilma



Cote, Joseph



Delucca, Frank



Dixon, Lester



Doggart, Albert



Donneley, Olin



Dullea, Madeline



Dunn, Chester

Deceased 1995


Edmonds, Nathaniel



Finch, Eileen



Fischer, Paul



Flanders, Elmer S.



Ford, Marjorie



Greenwood, Ethel



Griffin, Robert



Grover, Amelia



Guppy, Mary



Hardy, Mildred



Hayward, Edna



Healey, Thelma



Hollins, James



Johnson, Madeline



Johnson, Theron



Kachadorian, John



Kelly, Eileen



Kent, Alice



Lambert, George



Lee, Catherine



Lemay, Jannette



Lemieux, Ernest



Long, Mary



MacDonald, Frances



MacDonald, Irene



Mahoney, Thomas



Manning, Howard



McGovern, Catherine



McGrath, Fay



McKenzie, Florence



Merrill, Virginia



Merrithew, Blanche



Michelson, George



Morrison, Virginia



Murney, Priscilla



Murphy, William



Neville, James



O'Brien, Frances



Ogden, Bernice



Ogden, Lillian



Pearson, Katherine



Pickovwicz, Michael



Pinney, Olive



Poirier, Richard



Quinn, John



Quinn, Richard



Ray, Frank



Riley, Edward



Robinson, Clara



Rogers, Helen



Rosi, Ceasar



Ryan, Mary



Smith, Syvilla



Sowyrda, George



Spalding, Malcolm



Spidell, Robert



Stansfiels, Ernest

Deceased 2005


Townsend, Adaire
Adaire (Townsend) Sheska



Trow, Helen



Wadsworth, Phyllis



Weinstein, Hyman



Whitley, Frances



Williams, Dorothy



Williams, Frank



Wilson, Clara



Wong, Jack



Wood, Helen



Wray, Janice