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The Class of 1930



Ackerman, Dorothy


Alward, Leonore


Barbeau, George

Deceased 2002

Bartlett, Josephine


Belair, Esther


Blake, Earle


Blaney, Ernest


Boisclair, Evelyn


Bowley, Mary
Mary (Bowley) Libby

Deceased 2005

Brown, Bernard


Bruce, Julia


Bryer, Clifford


Bubier, Isabelle


Budd, Helen


Burton, Margaret


Callan, Mary


Connolly, Kathleen


Daggett, Roland


Dalton, Alice


DeSpencer, Mary


Dort, Charles


Ellis, Franklin


Elwell, Charles


Fabiseski, Helen


Fielder, Florence


Flye, Edna


Foley, Alton


Forrest, James


Fulkerson, Roxanne


Gauvin, Ovide


Gilman, Hector


Gordon, Margaret


Hadley, Ellen


Hatt, Lillian


Henderson, David


Henderson, Herbert


Ilsley, Katherine


Jameson, Louise


Kirby, Ruth


Kirk, Herbert


Knowlton, Lester


Kolhonen, Aarne


Maloney, Florence


Marquis, Veronica


Marr, Helen


Marsden, Thomas


McGlew, Eleanor


Murray, Isabelle


Peabody, Roger


Perkins, Ida May


Richards, Evelyn


Rogers, Dorothy


Saunders, Richard


Shiers, Warren


Sidley, Olive


Snelson, Thomas


Spofford, Dorothy


Stoss, Mabel


Sturtevant, Jack


Sullivan, Nancy


Swiniarski, Alexander

Deceased 2005

Taylor, Charles


Thibedeau, Margaret


Troy, Sylvia


Tweedy, Marjorie


Walsh, Bernice


Willard, Barbara


Williams, Donald


Woodman, Orin

Deceased 1944 KIA

Wozniak, Stella