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50s Get-Together in Rowley, Mass

The Essex Aggie Family BBQ for all classes took place on August 25th, 2007. When Jean (Ouellette) Radford, '54 began making inquiries as to who would be attending from her age group she discovered that there were several who could not travel to Maine for the BBQ. As a result she organized a get-together luncheon at Spud's Restaurant in Rowley, Massachusetts on August, 28th.   

Aggie grads attending were:
Jean (Oullette) Radford, '54, Lynchburg, VA
Kathryn (Ward) Short, '53 & John Short, '51, Byfield, MA
Mary & Alfred Cavallaro, '53, Andover, MA
Lorraine Pike, '53, Salisbury, MA
Annette (Robishaw) Poirier, '53, Georgetown, MA
Kazimierz Pierga, '53, Salem, MA
Elizabeth (Karolides) Gehling, 54, Danvers, MA
Robert Drew, '55, Amesbury, MA
Donna Grover, '55, Danvers, MA
Elizabeth Chute, '56, Danvers, MA
Nanci (Robishaw) Desmond, '62 & '65, Ipswich, MA

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