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Class of 1956
50th Year Reunion

In September 2006 the class of '56 met for their 50th year reunion at the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area at Small Point in Phippsburg, Maine. We had 21 guests who came from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Florida. The reunion took place from Saturday evening thru Wednesday. We were able to provide lodging on the premises for anyone who requested it. Many of the guests stayed overnight and there was plenty of time for get-togethers and talking over old times. The main event was a catered Maine Lobster Bake done in the traditional way with the food cooked in seaweed over a wood fire. Some of us were able to take advantage of the hiking and beach facilities in the area.
                                                                                                                            Charlie Main

Class of 1956 Group Photo

Row 4: Bob Gaudet, John Bolger, Carl Melin, Jack Moore, Gordon Lane, Ed Smith,
Row 3: Barbara (Burgess) Sanborn, Charlie Main
Row 2: Roberta ( King) Ladebush, Mary Melin, Lillian (Demers) Seaborne-Smith,
             Carolyn (Lombari) Byam, Dorothy (Ness) Taylor, Mary (Pennock) Day,                             Mary  Horgan, Phil Horgan
Row 1: Alice Henning, Richard Sanborn
             (Missing from photo: guests Carol Main, Ethelyn DeSandre & Susan Moore)

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1877 house 01_web

The 1877 House & the A-Frame Cottage provided our meeting place, a place for preparing & serving food, sleeping accommodations and a launching point for hikes & excursions.

A Frame 01_web

1877 view_web

Morse River_web

A Frame view_web

Sunday Get-together

Sunday 01_web

Sunday 02_web

Sunday 03_web

Sunday 04_web

Sunday 05_web

Sunday 06_web

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch 01_web

Sunday Lunch 02_web

Sunday Lunch 03_web

The Maine Lobster Bake

Bake 01_web

Bake 02_web

Bake 03_web


the fire pit


Bake 04_web

Bake 05_web

Bake 06_web

the crew continues setup

lighting the fire

setup is about complete

Bake 07_web

Bake 08_web

Bake 09_web

alumni checking out the proceedings

regulating the fire

Bake 10_web

Bake 11_web

Bake 12_web

Deb Knight keeps things running smoothly

The girls on one of their numerous trips from the house to the bake site

Deb & Roy Knight describe their catering business to Ethelyn DeSandre

Bake 13_web

Bake 14_web

Bake 15_web

standing by

lemonade & iced tea is served in the deck

the fire dies down

Bake 16_web

Bake 17_web

Bake 18_web

fish chowder on the deck

it's ready!

packing up to serve

Bake 19_web

Bake 20_web

Bake 21_web

Ethelyn gets to be first in line

the serving begins

the line forms

Bake 22_web

Bake 23_web

Bake 24_web

and now back to the house

steady as she goes!

the end of the line

Bake 25_web

Bake 26_web

Bake 27_web

The gang sits down to enjoy the feast

steamed clams
corn on the cob
 cole slaw

Bake 28_web

And then
a second lobster
for those who still have room!
Watermelon & coffee
for dessert

Carolyn shows off
the guest of honor

Monday - Get-together and hot dogs & hamburgers on the grille

Monday house_web

Monday lunch_web

Manday kitchen_web

Monday afternoon boat cruise at Sebasco Harbor Resort

Cruise 01_web

Cruise 02_web

Cruise 03_web

Cruise 04_web

Cruise 05_web

Cruise 06_web

Cruise 07_web

Cruise 08_web

Cruise 09_web

Cruise 10_web

Cruise 11_web

Cruise 12_web

Cruise 13_web

Cruise 14_web

Cruise 15_web

Cruise 16_web

Cruise 17_web

Cruise 18_web

Tuesday lunch

Tue Lunch 01_web

Tue Lunch 02_web

Tue Lunch 03_web

Other activities

House 01_web

Hike to the beach_web

House 03_web

Scrabble in the evening

Hike to the beach

Alice serves up the famous Essex Aggie Brownie Pudding