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Multi Decade Reunion

On Saturday, October 1, 2005, a multi decade reunion was held at the Andover Chateau Restaurant in Andover, Massachusetts. There were 76 alumni and guests in attendance and a good time was had by all. All those handshakes and hugs between classmates and friends were a sight to behold!

Reunion 2005 Group

Reunion 2005 C01_web

Reunion 2005 C03_web

Reunion 2005 C02_web

Ellen (Wills) Sheppard '38
Linda Sheppard '65
Chester Richardson '58

Frederick Perkins '53
Joan Perkins
Emery Letourneau '53

Mary Hathaway
Richard Hathaway '58
Ellen (Wills) Sheppard '38

Reunion 2005 C04_web

Reunion 2005 C06_web

Reunion 2005 C05_web

Phil Horgan '56
Mary (Burgess) Horgan '57
Barbara (Burgess) Sanborn '56

Simone (Demers) Titone '60
Alice (Coleman) Henning '56
Charles Main '56
Lillian (Demers) Seaborne-Smith '56
Edward Smith '55

Martha Varney
Charles Varney '57