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Class of 1984 Reunion

Reunion Report for the Class of 1984:

It was so great to see all that showed at the 1984 reunion at Bradley State Park! To give a review, that might not be accurate because it is a couple of months later and I have lots happening, there were 20 some odd of us that made it to the reunion. They were Fred, Dave L., Dave T., Lisa, Kim, Shawn C., Shawn H., Angie, Barb, Tina, Chris, Bill, George, Deb, Kendra, Woody, Jay and myself. (Sorry if I forgot a few names!) Paul, Marc, Dave M. and Betsy were there in spirit and Doug got a phone call from Deb in which many of us got to touch base with him.

What I remember: Fred is recovering from back surgery and has a nice family. Dave L is doing well, working hard, pitching in a lot of time and food, and bringing up some nice kids. Lisa came with her family and is doing well. Deb and Kendra came together. Deb seems just the same to me but Kendra had a much softer appearance. Both looked happy with their lives. Kim stopped in for a little while and has a family, while George is dealing with a mom that is getting older. Shawn has a lovely family that invited us back to their house to hang out for a while. Jay has a successful business in landscaping.

Angie is happily married with a son and involved with horses in Florida. Barbara is tending to a sick parent and working lots – she seemed happy to me. Woody has a wonderful wife and I enjoyed a lot of  casual conversation with them. Tina and Chris came to the party for about and hour. Both have children. I know Tina is working in the law profession, in human resources and I think Chris is doing the same but I might be mixing that up. Bill has been in the military for almost 20 years and has a nice family that came to the time with him. Both he and Woody were involved with the MP's.

I know there is lots I am missing but I wanted to give a general gist and kind-of catch everyone up. I wish I had had time to do this right after the time but life does take control sometimes. Both Shawn and Woody were talking about making this an annual event. I think that is a wonderful idea but I know that with the project I have undertaken I will not be able to organize such a thing for a couple years. If anyone wants to take it on, I know I will try very hard to be there.
                                                                                                        Jill Delaney '84