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Campus View 1938

Aerial view of the Essex Aggie campus in 1938

The Essex Aggie Campus in 193801 - Agricultural Building02 - Homemaking Department Building03 - Greenhouse Plant04 - Railroad Orchard05 - Old Homemaking Building (Camp Bauer)06 - Farm Shop Building07 - Poultry Plant 08 - Milk Room & Dairy Plant09 - Horse Barn10 - Fruit Nursery11 - Athletic Field 12 - Piggery13 - Fruit Cellar14 - OrchardPond

Younger viewers will notice a tremendous difference in the way the campus looked back in the 1930s, '40s & '50s and the way it looked before the new school was built. Notice the large open areas, the Fruit Nursery and Orchard, and the large Poultry Plant, all of which are gone today. Dairy, Poultry, Fruit and Floriculture were the major fields of study during the early years of the Aggie.

With most web browsers, you can drag your mouse over a building or area to identify it.

01 - Agricultural Building
02 - Homemaking Department Building
03 - Greenhouse Plant
04 - Railroad Orchard
05 - Old Homemaking Building
06 - Farm Shop Building
07 - Poultry Plant

08 - Milk Room and Dairy Plant
09 - Horse Barn
10 - Fruit Nursery
11 - Athletic Field
12 - Piggery
13 - Fruit Cellar
14 - Orchard

If anyone has any old photos of the Aggie from years past tucked away somewhere please send them in so they can be added to this section.

Photo Collection - Buildings
Click on the thumbnail to view a full size image

Aerial photo from 1938

Agricultural Building

Home Economics Building

A later view of the Agricultural Building, now known as Smith Hall

A later view of the Home Economics Building,
then known as the Homemaking School

Catherine Larkin Cottage built in 1953

Future Farmers of America Roadside Stand

Photo Collection - Activities
Click on the thumbnail to view a full size image

Agricultural School - Silage Making

Agricultural School - Farm Shop - 1936

Agricultural School - Poultry Plant - Range

Homemaking School - Cafeteria - 1936

Homemaking School - Library - 1936

Homemaking School - Afternoon Tea - 1939

Homemaking School - Child Care Exhibit - 1955

Homemaking School - Serving A Meal - 1955