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Alumni Photo Album
Class Reunion 1997

Alice (Coleman) Henning's lawn & b.b.q. tent, at Sunset Lake in Hampstead, New Hampshire

The garage where the '50s music station was set up

Walter Bocus '56 in the parking lot

Louise (Lanford) Mac Donald '58 checking out the back yard

Lillian (Demers) Seaborne '56 signing people in

Marjorie (Maynard) Miller '56 and
James "Buzz" Mosher '57

Foreground: Jim Palmer '56, Carl Melin '56, Don Cyr '56
Background: Linda Palmer, Barbara (Krajewski) Richiuts '57,
Carol (Palmer) Wentworth '59 and John McCarthy '56

Jim Palmer '56 and John MacDonald '57

George Jones '58, Charlie Varney '57

Fred Perkins '53, Alan Benson '58, Mrs. Benson ?.
James Mosher '57, Henry Whiti '56, George Henderson '57, Roger Goldsbrough '54

Mary (Pennock) Day '56 and Dorothy (Ness) Taylor '56

Carol Main & Martha Varney

Walter Bockus '56, Carol Main, Martha Varney

Alice (Coleman) Henning '56

Alice keeping everything in order

Sandra (Viles) Krajewski '57, Louise (Lanford) MacDonald '58, Barbara (Krajewski) Richiuts '59, and Linda Palmer

Getting together in the bar-b-q tent

Lining up for the group photo

The "Saugus" gang: Walter Bockus '56, Charlie Main '56, Pete Martin '56, Charlie Varney '57, Dave Rodenhiser '56, Phil Horgan '56

Charlie Main '56 & Dave Rodenhiser '56

Charlie & Carol Main

The Class of '56

All the Aggie grads

If anyone has any photos of this event please send them in so we can add them to the collection.