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Alumni Photo Album

Send us your photos for all to share!

Silver Jubilee

Check this one out! This is a portion of the group photo taken at the Silver Jubilee Banquet in 1938. (The actual photo is 8 x 20) Half of the people are wearing some kind of strange looking pointy hat. It looks like they are sitting there with napkins on their heads!

Edward Russell 1943

Edward Russell '34 left school early to serve in the US Navy. This photo was taken at his Aunt's house in Revere - 1943.

Edward Russell & 1937 Chevy

Edward Russell in his Dad's 1937 Chevy Sedan parked in front of their house in Georgetown - 1943.

t_Shirley Gray Miller 02

Two of the girls from the class of 1950.
Shirley Gray and Barbara Douphinette

t_Shirley Gray Miller 03

From the class of 1950
Leona Gaudreau, Eileen Dodge, Joan Swiniarski, Barbara Lendall, Gloria Thompson, Shirley Gray

Queen 1950

Queen 1950
Nancy Gray, Irene Mangio, Ruth Bean, Kathy O'Connor (Queen), Barbara Russell, Rita Dusharme, Jeanette Mscisz

t_Shirley Gray Miller 01

From the class of 1950
Shirley Gray and Eileen Dodge

Queen 1951

Queen 1951
Helen Bigham, Kathleen Bateman, Priscilla Batchelder, June Henderson (Queen), Nancy Cavilla, Arlene Russell, Gail Gaudreau, with Mr Mostrom.

Catherine Larkin Cottage

Photo taken in 1955 in the Catherine Larkin Cottage.
Preparing and serving a meal.
Ruth Tolman, Laura Fairbanks, Carol Ward, Rosemary Lessard

Child Care Exhibit

Photo of the Child Care Exhibit in the Catherine Larkin Cottage.
Left: Pearl (Chase) Ladd, Right: ????? - 1955

Laura (Fairbanks) Senter

Photo of Laura (Fairbanks) Senter in 1955. Taken the day she was engaged to be married. Laura made the skirt and blouse while in Homemaking School.

Charlie & Carol in 1955

Photo taken in 1955. Charlie Main & his girlfriend Carol Hogseth. Typical '50s teenagers.
(Check out the pegged pants & the long skirt).

Charlie Main

Charlie and his pride & joy, a 1947 Ford 2dr sedan.

Tom Hinds '59 Workshop This is where Tom spends most of his time now. Tom should get the award for the alum with the most elaborate
(and the neatest) home workshop.
See more photos at his Ophoto site.

Bennett's Boys In 1962

Bennett's Boys In 1962
In the Fall of 1962 Mr. Byron Bennett took this photo of the Aggie boys he helped get into MSU

Harold M Kekky

Instructor Harold M. Kelly in the Peach Orchard - 1969

Pitman, Pete Tierney '75, Rocky, kneeling Bia Jobe 2 year program, Pete Curtis and Gary Simpson '73

t_Big Tree 1980

Class of 1980. There was a huge dead tree in the field next to the Auto shop that needed to be taken down. The tree was so big we used a two man saw and axes to cut it down, it took most of the day.
Left to Right, Teacher: Mr. Collins, Kevin Moriarty, Mike Kirby, Dan Girard, John Scully, Mike Wojnar and Torin Mailloux.
Submitted by Dan Girard class of 1980

Bob Kerr

Bob Kerr Class of '84
This is the photo bob has on his Bobradio home page.

Rose Smeltzer

Rose Smeltzer Class of '86 with her dog Tonka. Rose left the Aggie in her junior year so we don't have her class photo but here she is today.

Rose Smeltzer

Rose Smeltzer with her son DJ


Rose Smeltzer's daughter Katie

Ellen (Wills) Sheppard

Ellen (Wills) Sheppard class of '38 at the ripe young age of 84

Patricia (Gove) Greelish class of '65, Steve Calef class of '64, Nancy (Robishaw) Desmond class of '65, Linda Sheppard class of '65, getting back together Summer of 2001

Pat, Nancy & Linda

Don Reynolds

Don Reynolds '58 of the Millis Lions Club works on Veterans Monument at the Veterans Memorial Building.

Stan's Cat

Stan Litchfield '56 sent us this photo of his cat Madison, making himself comfortable in the Christmas display.

Ray Bourhuignon

Ray Bourhuignon '52 as Santa at the Staten Island Mall.

John Perkins

John Perkins '61 getting a hug from his 14 year old cow "Lady Di"

Joe Croteau

Joe Croteau '69 and his new PT Cruiser on his recent visit to the school.

Nancy (Robishaw) Desmond '65, Ellen (Wills) Sheppard '38,
and Linda Sheppard '65 checking out some historic Aggie photos.

Nancy (Robishaw) Desmond '65, Linda Sheppard '65
Charlie Main '56 and Ellen (Wills) Sheppard '38 get together at Charlie's farm in Phippsburg, Maine July, 2002

Class of '75 cookout hosted by Ken & Sandra Elwell, August, 2002
Top: Brad Macdonald, Ernie French, Ken Elwell, Ken Holbrook,
Bottom: Greg McClain, Cheryl Kochakian, John Wood,
Sandra (Colby) Elwell, Pete Tierney.

Mr. Barbeau at Senior Prom 1997
Showing off the tie that the class bought him as a gift.

Mr. Banos on Class Trip 1997

Pete Tierney '75 with his wife and daughter during a recent visit to Charlie Main's farm in Maine to conduct some alumni business. 

Angela Doyle church altar party

Angela (Germinara) Doyle class of 2000 on her wedding day.

Kaytee & Kevin

Kevin Nelson Class of 2003 With his girlfriend Kaytee Gillen 2005

Smith - Seaborne Wedding

February 2004 wedding of Edward Smith '55 and Lillian (Demers) Seaborne '56. In 1997 there was a classes of the '50s reunion held in New Hampshire where Ed & Lillian met 40 years after graduation. 

Angela Spivack with twins

Angela (Bodoni) Spivack '86 with twins Samantha and Peter
Visit their web site HERE

Mike Bourgault and wife Beth

Mike Bourgault '71 with wife Beth while visiting friends in Claremont, New Hampshire 2004


Howard and Florence (Hemingway) Davis '63 while visiting Charlie Main '56 in Maine 2004


A different view of the school campus. This photo, taken by Karen Wonoski, wife of Ken Wonoski '74 appeared in the Beverly National Bank 2005 calendar.

John_Perkins in St Louis

John Perkins, Class of '61at a Sheltie National Dog Show in St Louis, MO. 2005

Andrew Connor Class of 1996

Andrew Connor Class of 1996 taking a break on a hot day at the Haverhill Fire Department.

Joe MacAllister_Normand Nault_57_2006

Normand Nault '57 (right) and his neighbor Joe MacAllister while visiting Florence (Hemingway) Davis '63 in Florida 2006. Joe attended the Aggie as a freshman in 1954.


David Snell '57 with one of the school buses he drives for the Jackson County North Carolina school system.

t_Rajhan (Cormier) Toupin (2006)

Rajhan (Cormier) Toupin, class of 2002, wedding photo.


Julie Wilkins, class of '96 with her dog Emmy.
Intergroom 2006 - Best In Show - Liz Paul Challange Trophy - International Groomer Of The Year