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The Class of 1995

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Baldwin, Charles



Barry, Jennifer



Beaudoin, Jason



Benoit, Jennifer



Bixby, Barbara
Barbara McIntosh

Salem, MA


Campbell, Brent



Cavender, Amy



Chandler, Neil



Chasse, Gary



Clapp, Harry



Cockman, Stephanie



Cook, Donna



Cotter, Paul

Lynn, MA


Crocker, Hope
Hope Betts

Newport, VT


Crowley, Shannon



Demers, Derek



Despres, Robert



Fischer, June



Garafolo, Robert



Garon, Derick

Methuen, MA


Gianni, Linda

Methuen, MA


Gibb, Gillian



Grundy, Deanna



Hallett, James



Harring, David

Ruther Glen, VA


Hernando, Jamie



Javery, Dawn



Krisko, Joshua



Leone, Kim



Lessard, Denise



Marcos, Heather



McCadden, Kathy

Haverhill, MA


Moran, Brian



Morelle, Jennifer
Jennifer Morelle-Macduff

Bradford, MA


Muise, Heather
Heather Fiory

Peabody, MA


Murphy, Luke



Navaroli, Stacey



Norton, Kevin



O'Neill, Shawn

Newport, NH


Padilla, Ivonne



Pelechowicz, Nicole



Pelletier, Christopher



Pempsell, Jessica



Pena, Esther



Petralia, Danielle



Plante, Jillian

Beverly, MA


Pratt, Jennifer



Raadmae, Jeremy

Hampden, NH


Reardon, Chris



Rickard, Mellisa

Methuen, MA


Rivera, Juan



Roberto, Rachel

Lynn, MA


Romanovitz, James



Salisbury, Shannon
Shannon Spears

Catlin, IL


Varjabedian, Sara



Willcox, Tanya